Our Wedding Ceremony Site Options

Imagine your special day on a lush, green golf course or Arizona desert scape with the splendor of the magnificent and ever-changing Superstition Mountains as your backdrop.

The Lake View Site

Our exclusive on-site setting is conveniently located just a short stroll from our getting ready suites. Envision exchanging vows on vibrant, emerald green grass, framed by a romantic waterfront and the majestic Superstition Mountains serving as your stunning backdrop. This spot offers hassle-free parking, ensuring both the ceremony and reception take place seamlessly in one location.

* Cannot be combined with Under the Stars Recepition Venue 

Desert View Site

 Embrace the intimacy of being nestled near the dramatic cliffs of The Superstition Mountains, where your ceremony unfolds in a serene park-like environment, showcasing the inherent beauty of the Arizona landscape. Lost Dutchmans State Park is situated just around 8 miles from The Views at Superstition, this location offers a picturesque backdrop for your celebration.

We handle all the details, tours, rehearsal, day of coordination, and contracts with the state park. 

Lost Dutchman State Park
6109 N. Apache Trail
Apache Junction, Arizona 85119

* Two ceremony sites to pick from at this off-site location. Location access begins at 2 pm. Event & Ceremonies held until 7 pm – Park closes at 8 pm

Under the Stars Site

Picture this: exchanging vows with the one you love most under the desert sky adorned with twinkling stars. Our exclusive ‘Under The Stars’ venue is a hidden gem nestled amidst a cluster of trees on Mountain Brook Golf Course, offering breathtaking vistas of the Superstition Mountains! 

* Ceremony & Reception held at the same site

Balcony Wedding

A cozy ambiance awaits you with a view that embraces the romantic Superstition Mountains and the lush green panorama of the Mountain Brook Golf Course. This intimate setting is adorned with a Cantera stone fireplace, adorned with either flickering candles or a warm wood-burning fire. The atmosphere is complemented by wrought iron rails, softly lit arched niches, and seating featuring white padded chairs for up to 75 guests.

*Cannot be paired with the Under The Stars Reception Venue

Our Recepition Venues

Imagine your special day on a lush, green golf course or Arizona desert scape with the splendor of the magnificent and ever-changing Superstition Mountains as your backdrop.

The Ballroom

Imagine hosting your special event in a stunning indoor ballroom that seamlessly blends sophistication with comfort. The ballroom, adorned with elegant decor and ambient lighting, exudes a sense of timeless charm. The focal point of this indoor ballroom is its grand windows that frame breathtaking views of the Superstition mountains. Take in the high ceilings adorned with intricate chandeliers contribute to the sense of grandeur, while large windows allow natural light to filter in during the day, creating an airy and inviting space. The layout of the ballroom is designed to accommodate various seating arrangements, ensuring flexibility for different event styles and sizes.The indoor setting provides a comfortable and climate-controlled environment, allowing you to enjoy the mountain views regardless of the weather creating an unforgettable experience.

Under the Stars Reception

Picture an enchanting outdoor ceremony and reception set against the backdrop of majestic mountains, creating a magical atmosphere under the starlit night sky. This charming setting unfolds on a lush golf course, where the expansive greenery becomes a canvas for your celebration.

As the sun begins to set, a soft glow begins to emerge. The venue comes alive with the warm and whimsical ambiance of twinkle lights strung across the entire space. These lights twinkle like stars, creating a celestial canopy that bathes the area in a gentle, romantic radiance. The effect is nothing short of captivating, offering an intimate and dreamlike setting for your special event.

The spacious outdoor venue is thoughtfully arranged to accommodate various seating arrangements, ensuring that each guest has a perfect view of the breathtaking mountain vistas. Farm wood communal tables adorned with elegant centerpieces are spread across the manicured lawn, creating a sense of intimacy and togetherness.

A dedicated dance floor awaits beneath the open sky, surrounded by the soft glow of additional string lights that create a magical aura as guests dance the night away. The crisp night air carries with it a sense of celebration, and the mountains in the distance stand as silent witnesses to the joyous occasion.

* Ceremony & Reception held at the same site