Choosing a cake baker is probably one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning. Why? Because who wouldn’t want to partake in a cake tasting session? After reading dozens of WeddingWire vendor reviews and narrowing your candidates down, you’re finally ready to sit down (with an empty stomach) for an in-person or phone interview. Have them answer the following questions:

1. Do you customize cakes? Familiarize yourself with their portfolio! There probably is a set number of designs that he/she offers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own inspiration to the conversation.

2. How long before the wedding will the cake be baked? It’s not a one-day job. Keep in mind that he/she often has more than one wedding cake per weekend to prepare. Layers are normally baked in advance, but you don’t want a stale or frozen cake. To be safe, make sure it’s two to four days in advance.

3. Some of my guests have allergies. What are my options? Depending on the number of guests that have allergies, your cake baker might suggest to either have one tier or the entire cake to be gluten-free.

4. Which flavors, fillings, and icings do you offer? Find out what’s available. Common flavors include: vanilla, chocolate devil’s food, lemon, and coconut. Common fillings and icings include: buttercream, cream cheese, and fruit purees.

5. What if I want fresh flowers? Will you coordinate with my florist? Come up with a game plan of communication between the two. Request the florist to provide a photo of the pesticide-free flowers he/she plans on arranging, so your cake baker can design the cake around them.

6. How will the cake be transported? Ask whether the cake baker or decorator will be on hand for last minute touch ups once the cake is delivered.

7. Will the cake need to be refrigerated? The types of “soft” frosting and filling you pick will ultimately decide whether the heat and humidity will be a concern.

8. Do you cut the cake? Is that an extra fee? If your cake baker is not an in-house vendor affiliated with your venue, there’s a possibility for a cutting-fee on average of $1.50 per person.

9. What’s the cost per slice? Consider the details. The more intricate and exotic, the higher it will cost. And vice versa.

10. Can we save the top tier our first anniversary? Often times, your cake baker will provide a free mini cake instead.