It’s Really WORTH IT! We list the reasons why…

1) Strong Repertoire of Experienced Vendors. The “All-Inclusive Seller” has built up a strong repertoire of experienced vendors.

2)Experienced On-Site Wedding Coordinator. The All-Inclusive Seller has an on-staff wedding coordinator that works with the vendors, the Bride & Groom, and has vast experience with running weddings and ceremonies! Things typically run smoother when there is an experienced person on board.

3)Greater communication – Less Errors. Since vendors, such as Photographers, Caterers & Florists, have all worked together with the venue and ceremony site, there is less chance for mis-communication and errors. The vendors know how the venues works, and what’s expected of them. i.e. What time to show up for set-up, where supplies are kept, what amenities are available in the area etc.

4)Spend Less than if you bought items individually. Couples will spend less on Packages that are all bundled together vs. buying items individually. Packages work to the benefit of the Bride & Groom because they will get more added-value to each individual item. Vendors are more likely to include upgrades because they are confident that things will run smoothly. Tracy from The Views At Superstition is notorious for added-value items!

5)Less Stressful & Less Time Consuming. All Inclusive Packages are less stressful and less time-consuming for the couple because they don’t have to shop around various places in various locations…Not only is it exhausting looking at a place to hold your wedding ceremony and reception, it is immensely stressful having to think about all of the other items and visiting those businesses too. There are usually a gathering of vendors that meet at the venue at the same time, so your travel time is greatly reduced.

6)Upgrades at no additional cost. All Inclusive Packages often include upgrades at no additional charge

7)Keep your spending organized and in-check. You may only need to write one check to the Venue, instead of individual charges for each vendor. One can easily lose track of spending, when there are several charges from different businesses.

8)Tax & Gratuity Included. Most often the Tax & Gratuity is also included. 20% Gratuity on a $10,000 wedding adds an additional $2000 that you might not have thought about! 😮

9)Flexible. Many times you can purchase your own alcohol & beverages to save money in All Inclusive Packages. Or you can swap one item for another.

10)Easier to Decide. When you are given an organized listing of choices, it is always easier to decide which one you want. Think of looking at a menu at a restaurant, the restaurant makes it easier for you to choose what you’ll have for dinner. (Think of having every restaurant menu available at the same time… it would be mind-boggling!) The same thing applies to wedding packages!